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What lesson slots are available?
Check the lesson availability page here. If none of those slots fit contact Scott as often something can be worked out to fit you in anyway. Otherwise you can be added to the cancellation list (see next F.A.Q).
If you are full, or none of the available slots suit, do you have a waiting list?
Yes but rather than a waiting list where you wait for a regular slot to open up; we can use a cancellation list which allows you to still get lessons but less regularly and probably not in the same time slot each lesson. It works on a first come first served basis - when we get a cancellation, and a slot opens up for that week, the first person to contact us gets the slot; if they can't make the slot it stays open, giving the next to contact us the chance for the lesson, and so on. This system can also apply to those who do shift work or work off-shore and can't commit to a regular time slot.
I can only make it once every two weeks is that ok?
Yes although it's less than ideal from a learning point of view we understand sometimes it can not be helped when shift work or commitments to a sports team are involved. Payment is exactly the same as if you were coming weekly - remember we don't charge for specific dates only lessons. With fortnightly lessons we will try to fit you in with another fortnightly person and you would alternate with them this makes coordinating our timetables much easier.
Do you only teach privately or can you teach groups?
We mostly teach private lessons as they offer the most focused kind of lesson but that is not to say we don't teach group lessons, we do and are at the moment. Group lessons are usually for two friends who would like to learn together; it can be a fun way to learn and has benefits private lessons don't where one student helps the other and there is of course the opportunity to work towards forming your very own band! Something your teacher will be able to give advice on.
Do you offer gift vouchers?
Yes you can purchase gift vouchers for Christmas presents or birthdays. Normally one block of 4 lessons is enough to give the recipient a good taster to see if they want to continue. Lessons should be booked within a year of the voucher being purchased. Money for the voucher is non-refundable under any circumstances, we will happily accept a transfer of the voucher to someone else who would prefer it or you could even use the money for work on a guitar.
I don't even know how to tune a guitar is that ok?
Yep don't worry we'll show you how to tune your guitar as part of your lessons.
I own a guitar but it's broken can you help?
Yes - after several years of fixing his own guitars Scott decided to learn how to setup, repair and maintain guitars using methods taught by Dan Erlewine of Stewart MacDonald and with 18 years experience there aren't many problems that can't be fixed. From electronics fixes to fret buzzes and upgrades Scott has a virtual armory of specialised equipment to work on guitars, no using your eye to judge action distance on a guitar. Using these specialist diagnostic tools the setup of a guitar can be judged to within a thousandth of an inch! Paintwork touch-ups and refurbishment to full re-sprays can also be catered for.
What age should you be to start learning the guitar?
From experience we would suggest 7yrs old as a minimum starting point as the necessary coordination skills for playing the guitar and understanding posture are ready by this age. We have taught persons younger than this and some have continued on for many years to become very able guitarists. If you are unsure it's best to give it a go - you should get a good idea after a block of 4 lessons. Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons for younger children if it helps them to feel a bit more confident but it should be stressed they are there for moral support only not teaching, leave that to the teachers.
Am I too late in life to start learning the guitar?
Of course not! We have taught students into their 70s and found the lessons to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. We also understand that adults have more responsibilities than children so you needn't worry about other commitments getting in the way we'll tailor your lessons so that if you get no practice during the week we simply use your lesson as an intense 1 hours practice session, no new stuff to learn just coaching on what you had from the previous lesson; this way you keep your hand in and are more likely to continue progressing with a satisfying hobby than give up because of other commitments.
Do you offer exams for grading my level on the guitar?
Yes we use the Rock School system which is used in secondary schools for grading. This is a benefit for teenagers sitting standard grades and highers performance exams. However, school exams is not the reason for choosing this system - simply put it is the best sounding graded system that we have found. The tunes are aimed at electric guitar in the wider genre of rock music and they sound pretty good. By following the system you'll develop techniques, soloing skills, some rhythm playing and how to play with a band. The exams will be held in Glasgow, three times a year and you can be put forward for any level of exam without needing the preceding exams to be sat so you could start at grade 1, 3 or 5 whatever you prefer. We will make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the exam beforehand thus allowing your money for the exam (£50 approx.) to be well spent. Check out the Rock School web site for more info on exams and grading.

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