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Welcome to Scott’s Guitar Lessons

At Scott's Guitar Lessons we cater for all levels of ability with the guitar and bass; from the absolute beginner looking to take their first steps, to the more advanced player looking to polish their riffs and techniques or composing and improvisational skills. All genres can be catered for, from classical and jazz to heavy metal and rock.

The price for lessons are £17 per hour for a private lesson and £11.50 per hour for group lessons.

14 lesson slots available

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  • 27/8/14: E.P Release

    Iain Mair of the band Midgielane has just released an E.P called 'Bridge' you can listen to this on Spotify and buy it on iTunes
  • 10/5/14: Song library

    Small update to pupil's pages: all songs which a pupil has completed will be available in their "library" now. This is shown on the right of their pupil page and allows the pupil to revisit songs in the future.
  • 13/3/14: Battle Notes added to pupil pages

    Battle Notes is an ear training game whereby the fretboard is used like a Battle Ships board and the player places their ships on the board; the computer will shoot randomly at the player but the player must use their ear to find the 'ships' of the computer's fleet. This has actually been up for a while I just forgot to put it in this news section until now!
  • 14/11/12: More pupil page updates

    Another new feature has been added to the pupil pages - song links. These are YouTube and Ultimate Guitar pages which have been chosen by the pupils tutor to be accurate and appropriate for the piece. The links will be added automatically to the pupil's page and make practice of the songs much more convenient with access direct from the page.
  • 20/10/12: Chord Matrix update

    Coinciding with the pupil page update is the new Chord Matrix game which test pupils' knowledge of chords. This has been completely re-written so should now work on all systems including iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.
  • 20/10/12: Pupil pages upgrade.

    Over the past couple of months I've been working on improving the pupil pages and the teacher pages which update the pupils' diary. The new system is now up and running. Some of the improvements are: linked tab pages for exercises; mp3 players for the exercises; more consistent exercise choice and naming for each teacher. Plus there is now a platform for more improvements and upgrades in the future.

On the website

  • On the site you'll find information on the lessons; contact information for Scott, David and Marc along with payment information for the lessons. There are also resources to print out and use, backing tracks to play along with and games and exercises to help develop your knowledge of the guitar.

  • Click here to have a look at a demo pupil page for insight into some of the website's benefits.

  • If you are a student with SGL you can access your page from the menu on the left.