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Guitar Setup Information

With many years experience repairing, modifying and setting up guitars Scott is glad to offer his services as a guitar technician for your guitar. Have a look through some of the services available and then contact Scott to book your guitar in.

General Setup

Like a basic service for a car a general setup tweaks a few areas of the guitar to get it back into good playing standard. This setup can also be used for new guitars which haven't been given a proper setup when leaving the factory or in the shop.

The elements of a general setup are outlined below:

Price £25 incl. new strings (doesn't include price of replaced parts) Book in Guitar

Fret Dressing

The frets on any guitar will have little pits or grooves worn in them over the life of the guitar and fret dressing simply reshapes the fret back to the way it was when new. Fret dressing is also sometimes necessary as a secondary element to the general setup above, when in order to lower the string appropriately the tops of the frets must first be set to the same height to stop the string buzzing off a high fret. This requires filing the frets down to the same height and then reshaping them and polishing to finish off.

The steps involved in a fret dress are shown below:

Price £30 incl. new strings Book in Guitar

The Full Works

If a guitar has first a fret dressing and then a general setup it will come out the other end being in the best possible playing condition, improvements that can be found include:

And if you go for the full works a £5 discount will apply.

Price £50 strings Book in Guitar